Until Your Room is Ready

Gareth Brighton

Showing 5th March 2019 - 23rd March 2019

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Until Your Room is Ready - Gareth Brighton


I make painted objects with the intention of making the viewer slow down and examine the materials and visual structure of pictorial communication. My work marries references to written and pictorial language; drawn and painterly picture making.

The body of work for my solo exhibition is overall seemingly abstract while still holding reference to things such as calligraphy, other written script and symbolic language.
These references are given a different accent through spray paint, pastel, and coloured oil sticks. The casual line work can then be offset by dense patches of colours, allowing vague forms to appear.

This creates objects with a sense of condensed significance, boiled down to simple – sometimes minimal – works depicted on to a picture plan of recycled materials.

Gareth Brighton 2019



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Until Your Room is Ready - Gareth Brighton

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