Surface Deep – Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas

Showing 9th May 2017 - 27th May 2017

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Surface Deep – Katie Thomas - Katie Thomas

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The most obvious influences in my work come from the natural world around and I would describe myself as an abstract landscape painter.

The works are not about creating specific scenes but evoking atmospheres and impressions from places in my memory.

As I also work as a gardener my paintings reflect changes in weather and seasons. The stillness and peace of the garden has a profound effect on all my work, which doesn’t shout for attention but quietly reveals itself over time.

With this body of work I have been exploring the surface…and the depths. Working in layers with a repetitive motif and using a variety of mark-making methods and materials. I want to create work that has spacial ambiguity, cohesive at a distance with surface interest up close.

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Surface Deep – Katie Thomas - Katie Thomas

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