Ross Gray Padraic Ryan Richard Adams

Ross Gray, Padraic Ryan, Richard Adams

Showing 5th July 2023 - 22nd July 2023

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Ross Gray Padraic Ryan Richard Adams - Ross Gray, Padraic Ryan, Richard Adams



Ross Gray – Turn Down The Heat

An ‘abstract’ series beginning to explore ideas about global heating (gh)
Something of a long obsession with attempting to express ideas about the importance of heritage
buildings as part of our identity now encompasses the need to conserve the built fabric for
ecological reasons as well.
C&D (construction and demolition) of the built environment accounts for nearly 20% of CO2
emission with the manufacture of concrete, steel etc and the processes of construction and
demolition. The importance of minimising emissions and maximising retention of already existing
embodied energy in buildings – which can be adapted for current and future use while enriching
history and identity – is gradually being recognised. Reason points to this ‘up-cycling’ of buildings
being akin to the taken-for-granted recycling of mass products, just on a much larger scale: good for
the environment and good for identity.
In this aesthetic context, how to engage the humble act of painting with the mega-omnipresent CO2
problem is a challenge.

Padraic Ryan – Keep Your Head Up

Continuing to find inspiration in the radiance of streetlights, these compositions were born looking up at the pillars that line our streets, exploring a time of the day where the lights are still on, but could be extinguished at any moment – taking with them their magic.

Richard Adams – Charted

Richard Adams has been painting and exhibiting for over 40 years; his works are held in New Zealand and international public and private art collections. 

In this latest body of work Richard has added a new dimension to his deconstructed landscapes.

His distinctive horizon lines – a journey depicting land, water and sky. Some works evoke a calm soothing mood with the use of misty greys, ombre’ ocean colours, in soft blues and greens.  

Moonlight, sunset and dreamy sunrise depicted with soft peach to pink tones, instantly give a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Richards latest creations are juxtaposed vibrant colours that overlap and stimulate with sweeping curves of deep ocher brown hues and primary colour blocks.

The geometric curves depict the movement of the land viewed from the ocean, the moonlight dancing in the harbour and the ever present horizon line. 

Full Exhibition Works

Ross Gray Padraic Ryan Richard Adams - Ross Gray, Padraic Ryan, Richard Adams

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