Pink Sugar Bush

Rebecca Harris

Showing 19th April 2016 - 7th May 2016

Exhibition Information

Pink Sugar Bush - Rebecca Harris

In my new work I explore among other things a well thumbed 1970s gardening book on proteas. Aka the sugar bush. I was interested in the shape and movement in some of the photographs of the shrub and flowers, and in others an almost obsessive interest in the detail. In previous work I have had quite a strong and colourful palette. In this show my colours are more subdued for spacious and soft effect. I am interested in working from a figurative viewpoint and then stripping it back to the bare bones or essence. Some of my flower arrangements border on traditional but I am trying to evoke a slight off colour, traditional but drawn from a contemporary perspective. Probably my biggest concern is to convey a sense of life and spontaneity with a spiritual undertone.

-Rebecca Harris April 2016

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Pink Sugar Bush - Rebecca Harris

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