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It is no secret that most of the Rainforest in the Pacific is?disappearing,?as?their indigenous cultures are also disappearing.?This I believed is caused by poor?management of their natural resources, the rivers, the forestry, the sea etc.

In Samoa, the national park on the mainland, Upolu is completely striped of the native timbers, like IFILEE, MALILI, etc. An effort to?replant these in the last 20 years has failed. In the big island of Savaii the milling of these native forests are still going on but there is no effort to replant?them. The culture is also changing and the infrastructure of the villages political system, is very weak in contrast to pre-independence period.

It is our?endeavour for myself?and my local artists, to highlight this environmental problem to the locals, before they become a?catastrophe.

I use the images of spiritual masks to bring to the peoples attention that they should meditate, pray, and do something about the RAINFOREST, before they change to an Easter Island landscape, where there are no trees, just rocks and dry soil. I hope they listen.


Ia Manuia,TAMANU

Fatu Feu’u / ONZM
P.G Dip. Fine Arts
University of Auckland

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