Mark Soltero – Cinérmatic Forms of Light and Shadow, Sharon Johnson and Patrick Barry

Mark Soltero Sharon Johnson Patrick Barry

Showing 3rd March 2021 - 20th February 2021

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Mark Soltero – Cinérmatic Forms of Light and Shadow, Sharon Johnson and Patrick Barry - Mark Soltero Sharon Johnson Patrick Barry

Mark Soltero

Cinématic Forms of Light and Shadow

In essence my paintings are history paintings that examine relationships between image, memory and materiality. Many of the images border on dissolution, fragmenting or breaking down in contrast to the seemingly smooth images that saturate our lived experience. Rather than making works in which the image might be shocking, I want to make works that draw audiences in, yet are challenging to look at. To a certain extent, the work explores our experience of différance, in time.

Recently I’ve been using a combination of reflective metallic paints and dense light-absorbing black. The shapes are the result of mining the interiors of particular cinema spaces, slicing through the layers of the light and shadow in the image like an onion, revealing fragmentary patterns. The patterns are abstract but they were absolutely real at a particular point in time. I’m researching ideas related to mirrors – the refraction of light firstly in the photograph, then echoed through its projection over the internet and again when processed in a computer, the reflective paint, the doubling of the image to create the Rorschach effect and finally the fact that when we view abstract images we project our own thoughts onto them, and interpret what we’re seeing. 

The work presents a pictorial space that provides a stimulus for audiences to imagine and make associations with their own visual memories and experiences. Jacques Derrida’s concept of différance, where meaning is differed/deferred, can be considered in terms of the act of thinking which necessarily involves association, memory, prediction, assumption, anticipation…we literally move between associations. It’s that space of our interior world I’m exploring.

Sharon Johnson

I am a colourist and my abstract expressionist works are a reflection of my focus on the interplay of colour and the lyricism that can bring. Within my work I therefore  desire to exemplify the rendering of an image by deliberately celebrating the application of colour and mark making for the viewer to enjoy.
My works are suggestive impressions of landscapes, domestic scenes, and the imagined. Text often features for both its meaning and its representation as form. Geometric motifs add balance and cohesion to a narrative.
I embrace the accidental, experimental, and the intuitive. Spontaneity, luminosity and a representation of the energy of form are ever-present.
I have a BA in English Literature and Art History and a MA in Communication Studies. I am currently completing a Postgraduate degree in Education.
I draw on all these disciplines to inform my work in overt and subtle ways.

Patrick Barry


These works relate to displaced energy that manifest within waves, conduits of liquid form or personal mountains, oceans voyages undertaken that we need to overcome to return to our former selves having been altered by the climb or turning back.

The patina incorporates a care worn life as it acquires many layers again and again forming its own unique beauty and voice.

A skin of experience, forming a tapestry of bright and muted colors.

As with life as we travel through it’s currents some run deep as with friendships and love some just on the surface.


Patrick Barry works as a professional sculptor since completing his fine arts degree in 2001 majoring in sculpture/Carving.

He has completed many public commissions in Europe and here in New Zealand the sign of the kiwi being the most recognizable and accessible in Christchurch. He has completed numerous others around New Zealand privately and publicly and continues to work from his studio in Woolston Christchurch.





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Mark Soltero – Cinérmatic Forms of Light and Shadow, Sharon Johnson and Patrick Barry - Mark Soltero Sharon Johnson Patrick Barry

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