Kara Burrowes Callum Pankhurst Jason Ware

Kara Burrowes Jason Ware

Showing 1st June 2022 - 18th June 2022

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Kara Burrowes Callum Pankhurst Jason Ware - Kara Burrowes Jason Ware

Kara Burrowes

‘Lost Scape’


Kara Burrowes is a Christchurch based mixed media artist. She pays particular attention to detail and is interested in the overlooked. Often tactile and experimental, with a focus on materiality, and the combination of unorthodox materials, Kara turns to intuitive mark-making, with a process of building up and stripping back.

The works in this exhibition are about the sky and the drama that can be achieved with oil and plaster. The landscapes are to entice memory and a familiarity but Kara does not see relevance in revealing the locations. The works are much more about what can be achieved emotionally through an intuitive and instinctive process.

Also of importance in these works is the sense of absence, a feeling of unease and thoughts that there is something missing. Perhaps even a lost, fleeting moment of hiraeth.


Callum Pankhurst

tierra  firme


Callum Pankhurst is a multidisciplinary master craftsman. From the       complexity of designing architectural interiors, through to refined       jewellery and works of art, as an individual style is evident across all mediums and has a sensitivity with materials, particularly metal, stone and wood.


The practice operates from a studio/practice in Christchurch , New Zealand. This is an environment in which project management and implementation takes place in parallel with design development, prototyping and experimentation with ideas, materials and manufacturing processes.

Born in New Zealand, Callum Pankhurst trained as a craftsperson at Christchurch Polytechnic gaining honors in 3D design and Print making.

An enduring strength of the programme is how strongly it provides students with an all-encompassing understanding of design principles, coupled with hands-on working across a wide spectrum of materials.

This experience and appreciation has played an essential role in Callum’s design prowess, his keen knowledge of materials, their potential application, and indeed their limitations.

As a self propelled Design Professional with 28 years of mixed experience in practice,His enthusiasm and hard work is evident, as he continually developes his necessary skills and qualities.

From concepts through to prototypes, he has worked with pairing materials to create highly emotive designs. With this appreciation and knowledge of materiality and their potential application, Callum is inherently experimental.

Crafted Artworks, formed from metal, wood, Pounamu and other unexpected inclusions like rubber, are custom made in his workshop..

A desire to do things differently and inspired by materiality and process, Callum embarked on a journey to find ways of combining a handcrafted classic approach with his unique design ethic.

Pankhurst has won numerous awards nationally. Designs have all been awarded various professional group awards over the past two decades.

Jason Ware

Ear Drum Buzz


This title was inspired by one of the first of these sculptures that I made in December 2021. Ideas around sound, music, energy and hearing are contained in these works. The inspiration for this series of works stems from biro drawings. I have always liked the typical ballpoint blue ink on paper. I have made works in the past that involved drawing with biro, such as 80W, 2013, a 1:1 scale drawing of a solar panel. I have been looking at the characteristics of these marks through magnifying means for many years.  Each of these sculptures starts from the same length of steel and develops through 3 dimensional drawing.

I like to work with metal and  other found objects and I enjoy exploring different surface treatments. I have worked with repetition enough to learn how illusive chance can be.

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Kara Burrowes Callum Pankhurst Jason Ware - Kara Burrowes Jason Ware

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