Jane McGowan – Carolyn Currie – Vicki Mangan – Louann Sidon

Jane McGowan Carolyn Currie Vicki Mangan Louann Sidon

Showing 12th April 2023 - 29th April 2023

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Jane McGowan – Carolyn Currie – Vicki Mangan – Louann Sidon - Jane McGowan Carolyn Currie Vicki Mangan Louann Sidon



Secret Business

Jane McGowan

It has long been known that the human brain has evolved to associate memory with place, referred to as the “Method of Loci”. This is a fundamental practice for many indigenous peoples across the world. A year in remote northwest Australia formed a deeper understanding of this concept and has informed Jane’s current body of work.

The preferred sub-struct is cloth, developed from the weft and warp of threads, imitating the intricate weavings of personal experiences, cultures and society itself. Threads connect, layer, bind, pull together and repair.

As the work is stitched, emotions pass through the hands of the maker. Sadness, loss and powerlessness are present in the works but also concepts of the importance of shared stories and ideas of universal values and a connectedness to our place in this world.



Carolyn Currie

​​Inspiration for this body of work has come from historic charts sourced from Turanga library that document the early navigation of a section of the Avon River, near the Estuary, in Christchurch, surveyed by J.S. Browning in November 1858.

In the monoprints I have created depth and interest through layering and overprinting of colour, texture, shapes and line, using a variety of prepared carborundum plates. The interaction of the density and transparency of the inks forms the underlying basis of each composition.  I have used colours that reflect the environment and line work representative of the shape of the river.


Vicki Mangan
Leaden Waters

My father was a surveyor and road engineer, so growing up in Tairawhiti, Gisborne, inevitably engendered a strong awareness of Aotearoa New Zealand’s vulnerability to flooding. Studies in Literature and Geography have combined with my more recent BFA (Hons) to enrich my art practice, which includes painting, printmaking and poetry. Leaden Waters is part of an ongoing series of paintings exploring palimpsest – where traces of ‘ground’ are glimpsed through layers of paint/waters. The oil covers a base of acrylic and medium, and is then rubbed, scumbled, removed and reapplied to create a range of textures and mark making, to a point where the ground is abstracted and the passages between also become the subject of the work. 


Louann Sidon


Louann’s recent work explores personal themes around grief and anxiety, depicted through

collections of relics and seemingly random objects. Created using an intuitive and loose watercolour  

technique with a limited, muted colour palette. Symbols and objects become abstracted through 

blooms of paint and inverted picture planes. Each shape is placed instinctively next to one another as 

the work takes form. Within the patchwork of arranged shapes, glimmers of gold and phosphorescent 

green layered with ink, watercolour and liquid charcoal create a new depth in her work, allowing

something altogether different to present itself in the dark.


The ethereal nature of watercolour lends itself well to the exploration of human emotion.  In 

this collection of work, Louann not only delves into her own experiences but encompasses mythology,

religion and rituals of humankind throughout history. 

Louann graduated from Christchurch Polytechnic in 2009 with a Bachelor of Design and 

currently lives and works in Christchurch, New Zealand. She exhibits regularly and has been the

 recipient of several awards and scholarships. Most recently, being accepted as a

 2022 Parkin Prize exhibition finalist. 



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Jane McGowan – Carolyn Currie – Vicki Mangan – Louann Sidon - Jane McGowan Carolyn Currie Vicki Mangan Louann Sidon

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