I’ve been in search of you

Clare Callaghan

Showing 24th November 2015 - 5th December 2015

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I’ve been in search of you - Clare Callaghan

Through art we allow ourselves to connect to others and explore deeper within oneself. This interaction with art encourages us to consider the way we think and identify the personal view we have upon the world.

Clare Callaghan’s work embodies these elements of inward reflection through a photographic medium. Self-discovery is a strong concept within her images in regards to the making of the artwork, and the response from viewers.

Her work often consists of subtle, melancholic undertones, which become consistently overshadowed by the delicate elements within the photographs. Focusing on a reveal of individual perspective, she explores transient moments within the everyday environment.

Her photographs consider the rhythmic interweaving of place and time, consequently becoming evidence of a fragmented stream of continual consciousness.


This work ‘I’ve been in search of you’ is about the journey I have taken, leaving a feeling of security, familiarity and love, in search of another love; something I have yearned for most of my life.

I have travelled to a place where I long to feel at home, and I strive to understand.

Yet the foreign aspects of this place can be isolating. This body of work follows my journey of crossing many oceans, as my predecessors once did, to find myself.

The comfort and intimacy once had, becomes juxtaposed with a certain disconnection and solidarity while seeking to discover home.- Clare Callaghan

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I’ve been in search of you - Clare Callaghan

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