Gareth Brighton Gaby Montejo Jason Ware

Gareth Brighton Gaby Montejo Jason Ware

Showing 17th April 2024 - 4th May 2024

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Gareth Brighton Gaby Montejo Jason Ware - Gareth Brighton Gaby Montejo Jason Ware

Gareth Brighton
This series of new painted works are created by smearing, pouring, stomping,
hammering and screwing. Exploring the all over surface and sense of physical
impact associated with the Abstract Expressionist painters, while injecting
some material normally unfamiliar to the picture plain.


Gaby Montejo
Gaby Montejo approaches art through photo, sound, interviews, and
temporary installation often with performative actions.  The work often
explores democracy and hierarchy in a way where the finished work is
consumed or destroyed during the process of making. Whilst exhibiting
internationally, Gaby stays pivotal in the social initiatives and collaborative
interventions of Christchurch. Born to Cuban parents, Gaby attended art
schools in Australia and America and moved to Ōtautahi/Christchurch in
A vulnerable venture for a colour-blind person learning to trust the eye when it
comes to flat images; after a 25 year practise involving experiential sculpture
and extended media.
This current series reflects on awkward life events and side-hustles.
There are undercurrents of human magnetism here, within the language of
collage… an act of theft, butchery, and rebirth.

Jason Ware

Plasma – Fake power

Fake power refers to a sense of control or influence that is not based on actual authority or capability.
It is a facade or illusion of power that individuals or groups may use to manipulate or deceive others.
This can include asserting authority that one does not actually possess, using intimidation or coercion
to assert control, or creating a perception of power through deception or manipulation. Fake power is
often temporary and can be easily undermined or exposed when challenged or confronted.
Responses to disinformation can vary depending on the context and objectives.
It is important to note that tackling disinformation requires a multi-faceted and collaborative approach
involving various stakeholders, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Sculptures of everyday objects are a form of art that takes commonplace items and transforms them
into unique and thought-provoking sculptures. Artists who create these sculptures often challenge the
traditional notions of what can be considered art and elevate the mundane into something
These artists and their sculptures of everyday objects invite viewers to reconsider the familiar and find
beauty in the seemingly ordinary. Through their art, they challenge our perceptions, provoke thought,
and create engaging experiences that inspire contemplation and dialogue.

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specific electrical and mechanical properties.

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Gareth Brighton Gaby Montejo Jason Ware - Gareth Brighton Gaby Montejo Jason Ware

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