Doc Ross

Showing 18th June 2019 - 6th July 2019

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Fantasyland - Doc Ross


Fantasyland is an exploration of pure strong colour relationships and human gesture somewhat inspired by David Hockneys photographic drawings. Out of character for me the past 5-6 years of my work has focussed very much on people, usually juxtaposed against the arrival of the new Christchurch. In many ways this work is a response to that, a way to break away, move on. During those years I became very interested in the human gesture, and in the process of making fantasyland I discovered that the gesture and its related emotions are still very much present even if the person is reduced to a mere silhouetted shape. I could talk about the transience of life, how we are intrinsically all the same etc, but I’ll leave that to the viewer. For me these are a study of colour and form with a few life moments thrown in for good measure.



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Fantasyland - Doc Ross

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