A Retrospective – Denys Hadfield – Potter / Artist and Noel Gregg – Blacksmith

Denys Hadfield Noel Gregg

Showing 13th March 2024 - 23rd March 2024

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A Retrospective – Denys Hadfield – Potter / Artist and Noel Gregg – Blacksmith - Denys Hadfield Noel Gregg

Denys Hadfield

In the main these pots were created mid 1964 – 2008

High firing ceramics 1280 degrees Celsius

Stoneware, mid firing range, 1140 degrees Celsius.

The stoneware was fired in oil fired brick kilns, and later in ceramic fiber LPG kilns.

My life as an artist Started and John Coley’s studio, taking painting lessons in acrylics on canvas.

Later I joined Yvonne Rust’s Studio Of Design in Christchurch, working in high fired pottery. Shoji Hamada arrived there from Japan to give displays of type of work through Pan Pacific Arts.

I went to Wellington University as a Student under Evelyn Hastings from the UK discovering an art course and making scriptural forms in clay.

I then purchased Riverside homestead to set up Country Pottery

producing high fired pottery. I held a Solo exhibition at Several Arts Christchurch.

I then joined Noel Greg – Iron Smith, at the Artists Quarter.

Vibrant craft people, Graham Stewart – Glass and Wood Work. Fabric Artist – Sue Turner. Karen Wilson – Wood Work, and the farm yard restaurant.

In 1977 I left for London to visit craft workers, to explore historical castles in England and Europe, Holland, Paris, Germany and on to Rome to work with Nino Caruso in sculptural forms.

The human touch from skilled craftsmen and women reflect nature, to embrace the whole man displaying through their work, humility that amplifies the beauty of life.

Education – Timaru Boys High School 1950 – 1953

Apprenticeship in profesional racing stable 1953 –  1958

Became a Successful NewZealand Jockey between 1958 – 1970

Moved to Australia 1959 as a private call jockey for Duncan McFarlane.

Returned to NewZealand in 1960 and retired from racing in 1970

The Artist is Born

I started my artistic journey painting at John Coley’s studio for two years, mostly  learning oil painting and art history.I then took a two year course with Yvonne Rust at the Studio of Design. Working in high firing stoneware. Others there at the time were Sally Connelly, Michael Trumic, Warren Tippet, and Peter Yates.

I proceeded to do a short course at Victoria University Wellington in ceramic sculpture, under Evelyn Hastings from England during 1964 – 1966

I studied Art under John Coley who was the the Curator of the Robert McDougal Art Gallery, Christchurch 1970 – 1979

Studied Landscape Design and Art History 19669 – 1972

I then built a large oil-fired stoneware kiln in Christchurch. and later established Riverside Pottery at Broomfield, Amberley.

I moved back to Christchurch five years later and established the Artists Quarter with Craft Blacksmith, Noel Gregg in Oxford Tce.

Fully developing this complex into 16 studios and retail shop along with the Farmyard Restaurant. This was sold in 1975.

I took up a teaching post at Otago Polytechnic short term and then taught at Middleton Grange.

I departed NZ once more with 12 months leave up my sleeve for London and Europe I worked in London as a potter and visited Nino Caruso in Rome, and worked under his direction.

In 1974 I received a  NZ arts council study grant in ceramics. I then visited Indonesia, Malang, East Java creating ceramic design for mass Production.

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A Retrospective – Denys Hadfield – Potter / Artist and Noel Gregg – Blacksmith - Denys Hadfield Noel Gregg

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