Liqui-forms & Evergreen

Sandra Hussey, Bianca Scrimgeour

Showing 20th August 2019 - 7th September 2019

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Liqui-forms & Evergreen - Sandra Hussey, Bianca Scrimgeour

Liqui-forms – Sandra Hussey

My studio is where I invite the chaotic and the unexpected and then try to make sense of it all.

Investigating the material properties of acrylic paint, I exploit the fluidity of the medium to construct paintings. The work is developed from a series of paint pours, both directly on canvas and from various combinations of paint and synthetic resins formed on glass and plastic surfaces. The dried skins are peeled off and I screen print some of these with imagery. The paint skins are then collaged to the canvas.

These paintings reflect my thoughts at the time of making and also events outside of the studio. Although I engage with the process of making, on another level through painting, screen printing and collage, the works are a response to the intersection of human activity and marine ecology.

Instrumental to this project was observing and documenting seaweed and micro-organisms inhabiting the rock pools at Washdyke Lagoon, a wildlife refuge north of Timaru. Human intervention has impacted coastline evolution here. Enclosed by a barrier beach the lagoon has drastically reduced to less than a fifth of its former size due to the construction of the Timaru Port breakwater which prevents coarse sediments from reaching and replenishing the barrier.

Perhaps the paintings can provide an interface between art and this coastal environment. While there is some irony in using plastic in mimesis of natural processes, conversely it may be a very good medium when considering the present state of our oceans.

Evergreen – Bianca Scrimgeour

Recently I have found myself yearning for the privacy of green spaces, alone with the company of trees. Encountering landscapes in the background of friend’s shared “morning walks” on social media I was captivated by the occasional framing of landscapes. I found myself equally drawn to imagined landscapes and scenes that are familiar to me, believing the fictional and familiar spaces offered comfort. I have always imagined these landscapes with an exaggerated green hue, romanticizing the visceral nature of the elements. Remembered, the scenes are fantastical and using the potential of the watercolour medium this is what I transfer to the page. These paintings are a glimpse into a secret world that may or may not exist.


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Liqui-forms & Evergreen - Sandra Hussey, Bianca Scrimgeour

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