Lie of The Land

Simon Edwards

Showing 21st June 2016 - 9th July 2016

Exhibition Information

Lie of The Land - Simon Edwards

First Lie of the Land: A collection of paintings that draw from the Topography of particular areas in the Southern Alps; Mt Iron Wanaka, Arthurs pass and the Craigieburn range

Second Lie of the Land: The representation of three dimensions in two dimensions. The carefully constructed layering of paint giving the illusion of space,distance and movement.

Third Lie of the Land: The existence of a New Zealand landscape outside of the European landscape tradition.

?Myth deprives the object of which it speaks of all History. In it history evaporates. It is a kind of ideal servant: it prepares all things, brings them, lays them out, the master arrives, it silently disappears; all that is left for one to do is to enjoy this beautiful objectwithout wondering where it comes from. Or even better; it can only come from eternity….”

Roland Barthes, Mythologies

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Lie of The Land - Simon Edwards

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