Barry Cleavin `Wintering Over’: 2017

Barry Cleavin

Showing 29th August 2017 - 16th September 2017

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Barry Cleavin `Wintering Over’: 2017 - Barry Cleavin

`XXI Woodblock Drawings’ *

Barry Cleavin ‘Wintering Over’ : 2017

This Showing divides Chambers Gallery up into three sections. The works contained within something akin to three chapters of a book. Firstly there are the ’36 views of Hereweka’ with it’s obvious reference to Hokusai (the old man mad about drawing) amd his depictions of Mount Fujiama.

Hereweka on the Otago Peninsula holds its own mysteries and legends. These depictions attend to some aspects of that expanded into some more fanciful notions related to time and space.

Secondly there are the XXI Woodblock Drawings * `Winter 2016 '.`Winters Tales? ? modified from diary drawings of the corners of dismantled wooden pallets. These will be accompanied by some composite digitally collaged manipulations.

The third chapter presents `13 Floral Arrangements’. Continuing with the main thrust of the exhibition in `story telling’ ┬ámode. These prints have a wider reference related to living and its opposite. Both `now and then?.

I have not forsaken `autographic print making’. For thepurpose of this exhibition I have chosen to amplify more recent technology in the service of providing a continuum of `ideas’ unrestricted by any more semantic or semiotic purpose. I am quiet simply an older man `mad about drawing’.

Barry Cleavin `The Boojum Press’. Portobello . Dunedin. August 2017

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Barry Cleavin `Wintering Over’: 2017 - Barry Cleavin

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