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    Vicki Mangan

    VM Driven III

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    Vicki Mangan

    VM Driven II

Artist Biography

Growing up in Gisborne, I was frequently captivated by the seemingly ordinary natural forms and textures of a light-
soaked landscape. With eclectic tastes and interests shaped by working in the Bay of Islands and Cornwall, I’m now
settled in Christchurch having recently graduated with a BFA (Hons) from Canterbury School of Fine Arts.

I am a painter who also uses printmaking methods to discover ways of looking at the often overlooked, instead
focusing on the tension between line and gestural mass. My 2021 series Walking the Line uses liminal spaces such as kerbs and path-edges as subjects to explore ideas around unobserved temporal moments. By finding ways to retreat from the conventional aesthetics of the mimetic through the painterly application and removal of the medium, the eye is focused on the places between the organic and the constructed, where the ground is abstracted and the passages between also become the subject of the work.


Artist Exhibitions

  • 17th Jul 2024 - 11th Aug 2024: Andrew Craig – Vicki Mangan – Jane Barry

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  • 12th Apr 2023 - 29th Apr 2023: Jane McGowan – Carolyn Currie – Vicki Mangan – Louann Sidon

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  • 05th May 2021 - 29th May 2021: Ilam fine Arts Graduates Group Exhibition

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