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    Tracy Hay

    TH Up against the wall

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    Tracy Hay

    TH Boro II Yama Sashi

Artist Biography

I am interested in the transformative characteristic of paint from a liquid to a pliable form, one which can be used to create interesting patterns.

Dried paint, made through an industrial and chemical process have at once been used and reused in this ongoing study. Made for other works which have since been disassembled, these paint strips have been reclaimed and regenerated to create colourful new works.

This concept of repurposing and frugality have been extended to the simple running stitches, or Japanese ‘Boro, through the paint. The word ‘Boro’ comes from the simple straight stitching used in Shasiko. The reworking of both the paint and the stitch is made with a single strand of embroidery thread while the paint reflects the geometric forms and patterns seen within shasiko.

Through colour play and structured patterning, there is a relationship between these re-imagined works, one of chance and structure, fluid and solid, shape and form.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 26th Jul 2023 - 13th Aug 2023: Liminal Materials – Charrette van Eekelen, Jillian Wordsworth, Tracy Hay

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