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    Tony O’Grady

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Artist Biography

I am 59 years old, married to Pamela and we have one daughter. Born in Christchurch.
We live in South Brighton, Christchurch.
I have been making sculpture and painting for over 25 years.

The sculptural mediums I work in are stone, wood, clay, plaster, concrete, wax and bronze. I enjoy the physicality of making sculpture especially carving.

Over the last 5 or so years I have been spending most of my time exploring the medium of bronze and producing smaller works, with a large concrete commission thrown in the mix.

For me the human figure has always been a fascinating subject to apply sculptural ideas of mass, weight and balance, positive and negative space etc too.

Then on a personal , spiritual level to work out your vision and meaning. And through that struggle to discover something new and vital.

I am always wanting to create powerful, monumental feeling work (no matter what size) I hope my work shows something unique, individual and even uplifting.

Galleries I have exhibited in group shows include:


Form Gallery, Chch

Tai Tapu Sculpture Garden annual Exhibition (4 yrs)

York St. Timaru
C.S.A. (as it was then)
Port Gallery, Lyttleton.

Arts Centre, Chch. Wanaka.
Canterbury Gallery, Chch. Salamander Gallery, Chch. Bealey Gallery, Chch. Classic Interiors.

Applied Art NZ.

Little River Gallery. Solo exhibitions:

Painting: Lyttleton Coffee Company, Lyttleton; Chamber gallery, Rangiora

Two Rivers Gallery, Cheviot.

Christchurch City Council, a wooden sculpture (hand in hand), gifted to a sister city in Japan. Public sculpture @ Ilam Medical Centre.
Numerous private commissions.

Tutored at a summer workshop on stone sculpture at the Arts Centre.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 27th Sep 2023 - 14th Oct 2023: Tony’O’Grady – Sam Walker – Ellie Gray – Bianca Scrimgeour

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  • 19th Oct 2021 - 7th Nov 2021: Bianca Scrimgeour Tony O’Grady Phoebe Senior

    View Exhibition

  • 12th May 2020 - 30th May 2020: Tony O’Grady – Cast of Twelve, Leah Marshall – Youth

    View Exhibition

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