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Tim Main
Here to Eternity
Barn Stars The subject NZ native flowering plants. I’ve made circular constructions (rosettes) regularly as part of my sculptural practice for the past 20 years. The rosette for me is totality, wholeness, the unmanifest, the infinite, the cosmos, timelessness – having no beginning and no end. It is endless movement. The Influences/starting points for the Barn Stars Local tradition Clematis Paniculata (in Te Reo, Puawananga “flower of the skies”) is a New Zealand native high climbing vine that crowns trees with profusions of large, white, star-like flowers. Maori oral traditions say that white-flowered puawhananga is the child of Puanga (Rigel, the top star in Orion) and Rehua (Antares in Scorpio). Puanga’s rising in June marks the beginning of winter, and the rising of Rehua in December signals summer. Puawananga blooms in the months between them.




Wood: Steam bent and laminated oak. Stain and wax finish. Stone clay: Press moulded and tooled. Polychromed with oils.


For me the pleasure of the aesthetic experience lies in finding a
balance between a guiding structure and a variety of embellishments; a harmony of order and movement. I like the idea that we can observe the medley of forms in a plant and take from that a few expressive 
elements that once crafted/constructed will function as a symbol for
all nature. There is a yearning for perpetuity embodied in pattern, anda desire to understand nature?s sublime secret of creation.


Bachelor of Craft Arts 2000, CPIT. Exhibiting Sculpture 2000 - 2019


Milford Galleries, Dunedin, Auckland, Queenstown. The Arthouse, CoCA,
The Dowse Art Museum, Little River Gallery, Chamber Gallery Rangiora,
Salamander Gallery


The Taitapu Sculpture Garden, Christchurch Art Gallery,
McDougall Art Gallery, CoCA, The Suter Art Gallery. 
Based in Christchurch, NZ.
Work held in public and private collections.


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  • 05th Oct 2022 - 22nd Oct 2022: Tim Main – Alix Ashworth – Josh Bashford

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  • 30th Jul 2019 - 17th Aug 2019: The Projection Room & The Foothills

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