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I am a colourist and my abstract expressionist works are a reflection of my focus on the interplay of colour and the lyricism that can bring. Within my work I therefore  desire to exemplify the rendering of an image by deliberately celebrating the application of colour and mark making for the viewer to enjoy.
My works are suggestive impressions of landscapes, domestic scenes, and the imagined. Text often features for both its meaning and its representation as form. Geometric motifs add balance and cohesion to a narrative.
I embrace the accidental, experimental, and the intuitive. Spontaneity, luminosity and a representation of the energy of form are ever-present.
I have a BA in English Literature and Art History and a MA in Communication Studies. I am currently completing a Postgraduate degree in Education.
I draw on all these disciplines to inform my work in overt and subtle ways.

During the last seven years I have exhibited in Auckland, Whangarei, Geraldine and Christchurch.

Artist Exhibitions
2014 Pushing the Pencil Harder, Franklin Arts Centre, group show, Auckland, New Zealand.
2015 Connection, Franklin Arts Centre, solo show, Auckland, New Zealand
2017 Works on Paper, Megan Dickinson Gallery, group show, Whangarei, New Zealand
2018 Chroma, Franklin Arts Centre, group show, Auckland, New Zealand
2019 Abstraction, Hangar Art, group show, Whangarei, New Zealand
2020 Homage to Home, McAtamney Gallery, solo show, Geraldine, New Zealand
2020 Sketching with Colour, Roccabella fine jewellery, solo show, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 03rd Mar 2021 - 20th Feb 2021: Mark Soltero – Cinérmatic Forms of Light and Shadow, Sharon Johnson and Patrick Barry

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