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    Sarah Anderson

    SA Stones of Escape 1

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    Sarah Anderson

    SA Stones of Escape 2

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Sarah Anderson


Environmental themes underpin Sarah Anderson’s practice. As an artist she utilizes multiple disciplines including drawing, painting and performance. She is actively engaged in conservation and sustainable living issues on a local and national level. She sees her work as part of a larger conversation responding to the urgent need to shift our collective consciousness into understanding how best to protect our environment. The interaction between humans and the land we occupy, and the

multiple pressures these engender are questions she is asking herself.

She creates hypotheses and uses her imagination to guide her research – this allows her to observe her environment through the lens of her practice. Sarah uses drawing as a starting point for recording, observing and exploring ideas

Artist Exhibitions

  • 03rd May 2023 - 20th May 2023: Art Associates Aotearoa – Lyrical

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