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  • Image of SW ‘Schrödinger’s Lemon Tree’

    Sam Walker

    SW ‘Schrödinger’s Lemon Tree’

  • Image of SW ‘Deep River Move’

    Sam Walker

    SW ‘Deep River Move’

Artist Biography


Sam Walker’s artworks for We / I deal with reflection and reflectiveness: internally through the use of mirrors in the originating still life and externally through the presence of perspex layers and high gloss surfaces. Influenced by dream, her works do not directly depict the subject matter that they are derived from but instead allude to larger and more sublime forms. There is an emphasis on the tension between depicted depth rendered in paint,  seeing in beyond the painting surface,  and the dual awareness of this flat surface. These ideas are also acknowledged by the painting’s physical presence as, art object.

Artist Statement

In October of 2020 — immediately upon the completion of my Masters project Liminal — I picked up my Christchurch-entrenched existence and moved to Wellington.

‘dislocated’ is steeped in ideas of disconnect, nostalgia and isolation. I have been in a constant state of upheaval, traipsing from one within-stones-throw-city to the other, and back again: dis- located. This body of work is comprised of paintings developed from images taken in Wellington, Christchurch and during the short passages of time travelling between.



Sam Walker is a Christchurch-born painter currently living in Wellington. Walker completed her MFA at the Ilam School of Fine Arts in 2020.


2021 Parkin Drawing Prize, exhibited finalist, Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington


2020 Liminal, solo Master of Fine Arts show, Chambers Art Gallery, Christchurch

‘Liminal’, Masters of Fine Arts Publication, UC Print


2019 Recipient of Harry van der Lecq Scholarship

Shadows on the Cave Wall, group show, The Casting Room, Christchurch

Nebula, temporary group exhibition by Murray & Company Limited, Christchurch

Zonta Ashburton Female Art Award 2019, exhibited finalist, Ashburton Gallery, Ashburton

Fresh 2019, group show, Millers O’Brien Gallery, Wellington

2018 Partial: We/I, group show, Chambers Art Gallery, Christchurch

Perspective, Perceptive, group show, NEXT Gallery, Christchurch


2017 Partial, group show, Chambers Art Gallery, Christchurch

Artist Exhibitions

  • 27th Sep 2023 - 14th Oct 2023: Tony’O’Grady – Sam Walker – Ellie Gray – Bianca Scrimgeour

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  • 02nd Mar 2022 - 19th Mar 2022: Padraic Ryan, Sam Walker, Chloe Summerhayes

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  • 15th Sep 2020 - 3rd Oct 2020: Siene de Vries, Sam Walker, Padraic Ryan,

    View Exhibition

  • 29th May 2018 - 16th Jun 2018: Partial

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