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    Nigel Young

    NY Grey 3 1/2

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    Nigel Young

    NY Brown 4 1/10

Artist Biography

Nigel Young Bio :
Born in Wellington in 1957, Nigel moved to
Christchurch in 1960 when his father was
transferred by his employer, the Post Office.
At 14, he gave Nigel his camera – a Topcon
SLR – and a roll of Ilford FP4 black & white
film, and a life-long passion was kindled.
‘Let It Be’ represents aspects of Nigel?s
other major passion – architecture.
Nigel currently has an architectural design
practice – 4WALLS LIMITED – where he
specialises in affordable housing and small
spaces. He acknowledges the influences
of Piet Mondrian and Richard Rogers.

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