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  • Image of NT Castle Rocks Canterbury

    Nic Tucker

    NT Castle Rocks Canterbury

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    Nic Tucker

    NT Te Mata Peak

Artist Biography

Art has been my life, after graduating Dunedin school of Art in the early 90’s I went on to teach art for over two decades. During that time I have also exhibited around NZ in various medium. I have awards in drawing, Oils, Photography, Sculptural work and Printmaking. I have worked and travelled around NZ, from the Deep south, where I was born, to the Far North, and lots of places in between. Over my life time I have grown a deepening understanding and love for our country, our whakaapapa, our connection to our land, a connection that as individuals, we all have. This is the inspiration of my works. I translate my love of Aotearoa through an adapted Japanese style woodblock technique.

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