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    Neville Campbell

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Neville Campbell Artist Biography

Neville Campbell is a Christchurch based artist and Secondary School Teacher. He graduated BFA in painting from Auckland University in 1991. Over time his interest has shifted from painting to photography and animation, all the while exploring the same philosophical theme that was ignited during 3 years in India in the late 70s.

Current exhibited works are prints of high-resolution stills from an ongoing animation project. Multiple surfaces have been randomly repositioned in a virtual studio to reflect and refract, create chance effects, and play with figures and forms until a satisfactory composition is reached.






Artist Exhibitions

  • 09th Feb 2021 - 27th Feb 2021: Neville campbell – Subterranean Crucible and Callum Pankhurst – Metamorphosis

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  • 09th Jul 2019 - 27th Jun 2019: Imaginations of Divine Mother & Precious Landscapes

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