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  • Image of MS Rooted in place you see everything and nothing

    Michael Springer

    MS Rooted in place you see everything and nothing

  • Image of MS Unfamiliar with the decorum the world expects

    Michael Springer

    MS Unfamiliar with the decorum the world expects

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Michael Springer

I am a full-time artist living at Birdlings Flat, on the edge of Lake Te Ro- to O Wairewa, overlooked by eroding volcanic cliffs, ancient Pa sites and ever present rhythmic breath of the wild southern ocean.

At the end of every day I cross the water to walk the hills and contem- plate. The past is undeniable here, it oozes unseen influences from the high and low places, significantly and mysteriously influencing my work.

Using paint as primordial sludge to summon forth unknown creatures from within this surreal landscape, I feed off the long lived spirit- energy that leaks forth. In attempting to quiet my inner critic, I step back and trust in the unconscious unfolding to direct my brush, allow- ing the work to evolve into its own existence.

The power and energy that inhabits this place tugs and pulls at me to delve ever deeper into the spirit nature, embodied in the earth, rock and water, it seeps in and falls out, resurrected one more time.

2014 -Group Exhibition, Compostable Materials, Roots Restaurant,

2014 -Group Exhibition, Jambalaya, The Incubator, Tauranga?Gallery
2014 – Finalist, Adam Awards, the New Zealand Portrait Gallery?Wellington, selected for inclusion in NZ touring show. 2014 – Finalist, Anderson Park, Spring show, Invercargil.
2015 – Solo Exhibition, Searching for the God particle, Linwood?Community Art Gallery, Christchurch.
2015 – Supreme Award, Edinburgh Art Awards, Dunedin. Judge Barry?Cleavin.
2015 – Solo Exhibition, The Un-Naming of the Beasts, Black Asterisk?Gallery Auckland.
2016 – Represented by Black Asterisk Gallery at Auckland Art Fair. 2016 – Solo Exhibition, As the tongue returns to the jagged stump of?tooth, Mint Gallery, Dunedin.
2016 – Solo Exhibition, Painting for God, Little River Gallery, Banks?Peninsula.
2017 – Group Exhibition, Collude, with Philip Trusttum, Next Gallery. 2017 – Xmas show Chambers Gallery Christchurch
2018 – Dual Exhibition, Un-common Ground, with Nick Williamson?Next Gallery, Christchurch.
2018 – Xmas show, Chambers Gallery, Christchurch.
2019 – Dual Exhibition, Under the watchful eye, with Helene Olivia?Smith, Chambers Gallery, Christchurch.2019 – Finalist in Parkin Drawing Prize, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 01st Dec 2021 - 19th Dec 2021: To All the Ghosts that Haunt Us – Michael Springer and Helene Olivia Smith

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  • 22nd Jan 2019 - 9th Feb 2019: Under the Watchful Eye

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  • 11th Dec 2018 - 22nd Dec 2018: CHRISTMAS 18

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  • 12th Dec 2017 - 22nd Dec 2017: CHRISTMAS SEVENTEEN

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