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  • Image of MDS  Magenta Hatch Cover #27/30

    Michael Smither

    MDS Magenta Hatch Cover #27/30

  • Image of MDS – Okahu Boats – Koromiko #21/39

    Michael Smither

    MDS – Okahu Boats – Koromiko #21/39

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Michael Duncan Smither CNZM is a New Zealand painter and composer. He was born in New Plymouth and was educated at New Plymoth Boys High School and Elam School of Fine Arts Auckland.

Born 29 October 1939

During his long and prolific career Michael Smither has found continuing inspiration in his immediate environment. This has resulted in a large body of work that is synonymous with the New Zealand landscape and culture. He paints coastal and mountain landscapes, family and children, domestic objects and religious symbols.

Born in New Plymouth, Michael Smither was based there until his move to Auckland to attend Elam School of Fine Arts in 1959. He then returned to New Plymouth and spent the majority of the 1960s in the Taranaki region. Paintings of this period record his family life, his wife and children, the New Plymouth community and the landscape of the region. He has become particularly renowned for his paintings of Mount Taranaki and the Taranaki boulders from this period. Works at this time also draws on religious iconography and religious themes.

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