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Artist Biography

Michael Holland, is an independent self-educated painter, he has worked as a full-time artist, in Canterbury New Zealand since 1999.

Michael is an ambitious painter, he seeks to capture a unique representation of land and seascape, through dream; melding, art history, and personal references. He explains how being inspired by Munch, Van Gogh, Bruegel, Klimt and many others has lead to shared dialogues and spring boarding him, to new possibilities.

His work is often characterised by what he calls dreamboats. Which are a recurring theme that he sees as vessels or containers to transport thoughts and ideas with dreamy figurative images infused into an interior, exterior imaginary world.

Michael describes his paintings as mind paintings that focus on imagination, storytelling and problem solving.

He says it’s a spiritual process with a lot of contemplation and the willingness to allow a painting to dictate the flow or the outcome of a work.

He usually paints large, two meters and beyond.

Michael has always been interested in the surface of a painting, what paint can or may do, he uses an array of mediums and likes the idea of accidents leading to interesting and surprising discoveries and a possible new language.

Michael has had extensive solo & joint exhibitions and his works are held in collections throughout New Zealand, private and commercial. Internationally, he has sold work to Australia, England, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, and South Africa to name a few.


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