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A drive to explore my own elusive memories and feelings is the basis of my collective work. Relying heavily on intuition, I visually articulate that which can not easily be explained. The works contain elusive narratives, as memory battles with external influence. My family life and childhood inform a lot of my work. My father’s furniture making, dressmaking, film, and photography, as well as my late mother’s poetry, have had a profound influence on me and on my recent paintings. Old films and photographs provide the concrete evidence of times I was too young to fully comprehend/remember. Through my work the visual vocabulary is simplified and edited to elude to the raw emotional response to the event, making that which is intensely personal, become something universal and relatable. My hand and brain fight between figurative representation and emotional abstraction, I let go of the source image so that what is specific to me will become accessible to others. I explore what is, and is not necessary for my work to have a presence. Minimising and emphasizing particular elements allowing my works to be both ambiguous and extremely specific, as only minimal detail is left for consideration.

Currently, I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Fine Art at The University of Canterbury and last year I was awarded the Harry van der Lecq Scholarship in painting.




Artist Exhibitions

  • 14th Apr 2021 - 1st May 2021: “Lighten the Load”

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  • 10th Jul 2018 - 28th Jul 2018: Rachael Dewhirst – Land of the Roaring Forties Micaela Irvine – It’s different now, but it wasn’t then.

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