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    Mark Soltero

    MS Forms of Light and Shadow

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    Mark Soltero

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Artist Biography

Fragments of a Memory (3), Unique monoprint, soy-based ink on Fabriano, 56 x 76cm, unframed, 2017. Finalist; 5th International Open Printmaking Show, Wharepuke Print Studio, Wharepuke, Kerikeri, 2017.



Mark Soltero – Fragments of a Memory series

Drawing on memories from his personal history and working in a deliberately monochrome palette, Mark Soltero makes paintings and prints that interrogate relationships between images, memory and materialit.

For Soltero, a picture space comes together as a result of two independent functions, the way we see objects and events in our immediate surroundings, and how we think about these objects and events.

Thinking connects us to images through memory. As a result, the act of thinking engages us in time, history, and association. It is this wider space Soltero contemplates in his practice.



Soltero’s investigations into time involve reflections on memory and history. Every moment one has experienced is remembered by the brain, even if not fully accessible or on demand. The series began with works using the number eight as both a reference to the symbol for infinity and the digital clocks of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The digital eight contains seven segments. When these segments are turned on or hidden they result is a range of numbers and letters. This quality of changeability is reflected in the use of camouflage.

The Projection Room

Mark Soltero is a Christchurch-based artist who grew up on San Francisco and The Projection Room takes its subject from his childhood experiences of popular cinema, his minimalist blackened stencil imagery of a theatre interior, rendering it from the entrance to seating and screen. It’s a dominating, yet fragile representation of this arena for popular entertainment as it was more than 50 years ago.

Like many of his works from the past decade, Soltero’s paintings embody a figurative memory of the world that comes close to pure abstraction. The seating and big screen in The Projection Room is about memory and the experience of cinema as a space for community gatherings, sound and vision, surfaces and materials, recalling an encounter of a particular environment as personal as it is shared by all.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 03rd Mar 2021 - 20th Feb 2021: Mark Soltero – Cinérmatic Forms of Light and Shadow, Sharon Johnson and Patrick Barry

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  • 30th Jul 2019 - 17th Aug 2019: The Projection Room & The Foothills

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