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  • Image of MC Smoke rises from blue mountain

    Magdelane Clare

    MC Smoke rises from blue mountain

  • Image of MC The light grip of possessive fingers

    Magdelane Clare

    MC The light grip of possessive fingers

Artist Biography

Magdelane Clare is a local mixed media artist with a post-graduate degree from Ara Institute of Art and Design. She specialises in print techniques and sculpture, yet her talent is evident through drawing and mark making.

Following on from studies, Magdelane explores the patriarchal ideology of women within medieval and Renaissance framework. ‘Triple Headless Goddess” manifests in portraiture conventions with its figures conceived from mythical, biblical and superstitious narrative. The series is a beginning stage of Magdelane’s interest in the esoteric and cult of the supernatural as her works recalls gatherings, summoning’s and worship circles

Magdelane employs a surrealist cut-up method to dis-establish archetypal imagery. Then reconfiguring the fragments into new mixed media collages, she allows chance to dictate the assembly process which further infuses an autonomous quality to her work. From here, Magdelane produces sensitively rendered drawings that may evoke syncretic ideals of the feminine.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 07th Jul 2021 - 24th Jun 2021: Robyn Webster, Magdelane Clare, Zara Dolan

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