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    Llew Summers

    LS Heaven Above the Sky Below

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    Llew Summers

    LS Mercury

Artist Biography

Llew Summers was born in 1947 and has lived in Christchurch all his life. Encouraged by Tony Fomison, he had his first exhibition in 1971, and since then has shown regularly all over NZ. His work celebrates the human body and soul, often juxtaposing couples or groups in movement. His work is intuitive and emotional.

He works initially in stone, wood or sometimes clay, then makes molds and casts his work into small edition multiples from bronze, glass and ceramic. His very large public works are scaled up from these originals, and although in the past they were cast into concrete, over the last decade or so they have mainly been cast in bronze. His highly recognizable public sculptures can be seen from Kaitaia to Wanaka and many places in between.


Artist’s Statement


This is a collection of recent work. Some reference Greek myths as a metaphor for current experience, and some, the symbolic power of the wing as a sculptural element. There are also some works exploring his perennial theme of the human form in movement.

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