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  • Image of LM Grieving for the Loss  (Honey )  Grieving for the Loss (Honey)

    Leah Marshall

    LM Grieving for the Loss (Honey ) Grieving for the Loss (Honey)

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    Leah Marshall

    LM Youth

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Working originally in bronze sculpture, Leah has always studied, sculpted, painted and been totally fascinated by the human figure. She endeavours to capture not only form and character, but uses imagination to link these through the creative process to more universal themes.

One of these themes has been a nine year long exploration of youth; documenting and celebrating one boy (her son), as he grows and changes from a child to a young man. Viewed as a body, this series records the impermanence of youth; its mutability; its evanescent – and therefore priceless rarity.

Leah is a self-taught full-time professional artist living and working in Hawkes Bay. She was a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards in 2009 and 2010. She has exhibited in various shows Including Creative Hawkes Bay Invitational 2010 and East Hawkes Bay Invitational 2014, with most recently a successful Solo show at the Boyd  Dunlop Gallery, Napier. She has work held in the James Wallace Collection and others.




Honey is a cherished childhood doll, passed down to me from  my mother. Timeworn. Loved threadbare. The passage of time,  bringing deterioration, and even loss of body parts mirrors the  decline of our own bodies. 

 We live longer, we lose more, we carry our scars beneath our  clothing. Our grief is private and hidden, secret losses. a tooth,  a breast, a womb.

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  • 12th May 2020 - 30th May 2020: Tony O’Grady – Cast of Twelve, Leah Marshall – Youth

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