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I have studied art, photography and printmaking at school. A love of line making and dreamy fluid states of deep thinking. I pull on my own life and emotions.

Growing up in the beautiful Motueka valley and living in Christchurch for most of my adult life, always looking for beauty in small things.

I studied photography after school but found I always ended upĀ  painting over the top of my photographs.

I fell into a career in floristry and found a absolute love of colour and texture that nature has to offer and amazing colour combinations – this taught me to loosen up and relax into my own style, a sense of trusting myself and pushing boundaries of what is beautiful

Returning to painting in my adult life, a desire to express and connect with people through art.

My works are eye catching colourful, and incredibly textural and sometimes intricate, playful and edgy, grimmey and gritty.

I love the idea of more to find or see in my works, hidden images and paintings that change with the light.
I encourage curiosity and for the idea of a second glance or perhaps coming closer for a better look- I feel this is a win – stop them in their tracks.

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