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  • Image of KM Paradise Ducks

    Kiya Murman

    KM Paradise Ducks

  • Image of KM Oyster Catcher 2

    Kiya Murman

    KM Oyster Catcher 2

Artist Biography

Kiya Murman  2022

Birds are marvellous in themselves and as metaphors of beauty, joy and freedom. I have found that a sense of wide open space also gives a sense of freedom and infinite possibility. The third formal element I’m working with here is surface. My surfaces are inspired by sand left by waves on the beach, Weathered stone and aged wood and have required multiple layers of colour and pattern scratched and sponged back to leave traces of the history below. Hence, I am trying to convey something of a sense of a found object and serendipity; passing moments precious because they can never to be repeated.  

Artist Exhibitions

  • 14th Sep 2022 - 1st Oct 2022: Sue Cooke – Siene de Vries – Kiya Murman

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