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    O Game Face edition of 3

Artist Biography

Kiri Scott is an Invercargill based artist known as Oniyonkid, she was born in the North Island of New Zealand and trained at Enmore Design School in Sydney Australia.

Oniyonkid’s  current  works are created in a digital formate, offering original fine art archival digital prints &  limited edition archival prints. 

Oniyonkid draws her inspiration and paint pallet from her photography which delivers a diverse range of colour and textures the South Island landscape offers her. She delights in the adventure of capturing moments between strangers or loved ones with the added combination of humour and creativity. 

Her latest work ranges from the context of chairs, money, mixed tapes, balloons, dogs and costumes worn to portray different images, with a focus on Royalty, Circus, Fortnite, mediaeval, Wrestlers.   She plays with reaching back in time to a youthful memory and contrasting this with a moment in present time. 

Oniyonkid’s  work has a Focus on the combination of different moments in time , creating new identities, while she explores a humours approach. 


Awards and Exhibitions

2020 – Exhibiting at QT Contemporary 

  • Art Now – Group show

2019 – Best Contemporary Art Work. 

             Queenstown arts centre art award. 

2019 – Finalist in the Golds art awards

             Central stories museum & art gallery


2019 – Finalist in ILT art awards


2019 – Exhibited QT Contemporary 

  • Temporarily Temporal –  Group show 
  • New Kid in Town – Group show 


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