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    Karen Greenslade

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Catch Time #6

I source imagery ideas for my work from the natural world in combination with domestic objects, mostly from the past.

The digital photographs exhibited are triggers for the hanging paper panels which float and move lightly, metaphors for a reconstructed past. The interventions of chance that occur are a result of the combination of dye, inks and water based paint. The blooms and washes that occur when using these materials symbolise the uncontrolled recollections we have of our past lives always mediated by the present.


Artist Exhibitions

  • 03rd May 2023 - 20th May 2023: Art Associates Aotearoa – Lyrical

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  • 24th Aug 2022 - 10th Sep 2022: Karen Greenslade, Rebecca Smallridge, Kim Lowe, Andy Waugh

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  • 25th Aug 2020 - 12th Sep 2020: Rebecca Smallridge – Regeneration, Alix Ashworth – “Singing them home, Karen Greenslade – Where the Creek Runs

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  • 29th May 2018 - 16th Jun 2018: Partial

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