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  • Image of JR  Book ‘Twinny’  6 copies available  –  3 x sold

    Julie Ross

    JR Book ‘Twinny’ 6 copies available – 3 x sold

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    Julie Ross

    JR Aftermath

Artist Biography

Salon des Animaux Chambers Art Gallery 2022

Salon Des Animaux (Animal Salon) is a body of work reflecting my passion for animals, art historical paintings and story telling.

Salon references the 17th century Paris Salons. These early salons were fraught with artistic prejudice, judgment and passion. Before long they were suitably challenged by break-away salons such as Salon des Refuses. I am fascinated by the drama and culture of the European art world during the 15th – 19th century, and see similarities in todays’ art society.

The technique of gesso-transfer onto wood allows me to overtly reference historical paintings and their stories. The added oil-painting transforms them into my own aesthetic and narrative interpretation.



Julie Ross Studio Tableau 2018

As an artist I enjoy responding to various forms of narrative: My sculptures are inspired by my childhood, human affect experiences, myths, legends and fairy-tales.

I love the quirky humor often characterized in surrealism, this is evidenced in the animality of my figures and objects, and in the titles of my work.

My book Twinny, was created for an autobiographical show in 2014 at Whitespace. This wee childhood memoir features stories of rather twitty twinnies growing up on a farm amidst animals and ballet practices in South Canterbury, NZ. Within the book are sketches and sculptures developed in response to the narrative. Some of the sculptures are in this show.

The bronze and ceramic works featured in Studio Tableau have been created between 2011 and 2016. The bronzes are originally created in wax, and cast in bronze by Jonathan Campbell in Wellington. The porcelain works are individually hand built, fired and glazed.

In 2011, I completed a Masters in Painting at the University of Canterbury. Since then I have been working from my Christchurch studio, exhibiting in Melbourne (Anita Traverso Gallery), Auckland (Whitespace Contemporary Art) and Wanaka, (Gallery 33). I have also contributed to a number of group shows throughout New Zealand.

This is my first public show in Christchurch since the Brooke Gifford Gallery closed as a result of the earthquakes.


Artist Exhibitions

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