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    Josh Bashford

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Josh Bashford 

Galu/wave 2022

Galu / wave – take care, be gentle and be aware of the waves. High swell conditions: your fishing trip is gonna be a complete blow out or a complete success. This is life. The importance of the checking of weather conditions, swell map, using your head and reading the weather correctly are vital. Tuning in, dialling oneself in. Your day out to fish on the water or hunt in the hills either brings home the goods or is just another nice good-to-get-out-and-get-some-fresh-air sunshine trip. The constant observation of weather patterns, wind direction, wave height, tide timings, water clarity and relational patterns of people hammering certain hunting/ fishing grounds – this all must be taken into consideration before going on a kai-gathering mission. The highs and lows of life often depend on the weather lining up to gather and secure a bountiful harvest. This has a tremendous effect on people, family, friends and community. Waves of joy are greatly felt by many because of the beautiful quality food that has been lovingly secured to fill many hungry bellies, all brought about by massive mahi and beating the waves.

Harvest. Inflation rises, trouble brews time to plant. Gardening- digging, planting, potatoes and kale. Chasing bad birds away the pesky black bird and sparrow, admiring the Tui, bellbird, wood pigeon, hawk, quail and fantail. Fellowship, sharing, playing guitar, lyrical singing reading the bible with friends and prayer. All crucial in my art making process. Growing and waiting, waiting, and growing.






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Born in 1989, of Pakeha and Samoan decent Joshua Bashford gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honours from the University of Canterbury in 2012, and lives and works near Little River. Time spent in the region inspires many of the motifs in his work, the river, the roads, the fish, the people the hawks.

Bashford was mentored by noted NZ-Pacific artist Fatu Feu’u met when Feu’u was Artist in Residence at the Macmillian Brown Centre for Pacific Studies in 2011. They have exhibited together in Canterbury, in Apia (Samoa) as part of the Return to Hawaiiki visiting artists programme, and in 2013 at The Diversion Gallery in Picton. Much of Bashford’s work employs printmaking techniques such as woodcuts, sometimes on a very large scale, although often he produces just a single monoprint on canvas of these very complex works.Josh Bashford has exhibited in Nelson, Christchurch, Blenheim, Auckland Melbourne and Samoa and his work is included in numerous private collections.?He has begun to establish a very original, distinctive style, a young artist to watch in the future.

2011 Tin Palace art exhibition Lytteton

2012 Columbo mall exhibition

2012 Return to Hawaiiki in Samoa, six selected artists

2012 Island brothers, Fatu Feu’u, Little River gallery,

2012 Postgrad submission show at Papergraphica

2013 Exhibition with Fatu Feu’u Diversion gallery Picton

2014 Sole extraction at little river gallery

2014 New Ground chambers gallery Christchurch

2014 Diversion Gallery, Picton, NZ

2014 Kings College Art sale

2015 Pacific generation exhibition at Bashfords Antiques with Fatu Feu’u

2016 Baradene college Auckland art sale

2016 Mt Albert Grammar art sale

2016 Pacific generation 2 exhibition at Bashford Antiques with Fatu Feu’u

2016 New woodcuts PG gallery Christchurch

2016 Last Judgement group show PG gallery Christchurch

2016 Call of the Sea group show kereru Gallery Nelson

2016 Ponsonby central pop up exhibition

2016 Wallace awards finalist work on show at Pa homestead Auckland

2017 Home sea and between Little River Gallery

2017 Group show Kereru Gallery Nelson

2017 Show with Fatu Feu’u at the University of Samoa

2018 Mt Albert gramma Art sale

2018?The cutting edge, show with Barry Cleavin Diversion Gallery Picton

2018 with Llew Summers, Rebecca Harris, Jason Ware, Matt Akehurst, Chambers Art Gallery ChCh

2019 with Ben Reid and Sue Cooke, Chambers Art Gallery ChCh

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  • 03rd Dec 2019 - 21st Dec 2019: Ben Reid – the weight of feathers, Sue Cooke – Silvia Inferno, Josh Bashford – Regeneration 2

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  • 11th Dec 2018 - 22nd Dec 2018: CHRISTMAS 18

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  • 20th Nov 2018 - 8th Dec 2018: TWO + TWO

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