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Artist Works

  • Image of JE Arial Ballet

    John Emery

    JE Arial Ballet

  • Image of JE braided river oasis

    John Emery

    JE braided river oasis

Artist Biography


John Emery’s process usually begins with a single object, which provides the inspiration for a number of preparatory sketches. The adding of other images and bits and pieces then commences.

The finished works inhabit a space that is both familiar and yet not. These are articulated through the overlay of imagery, using both watercolour, which by its very nature is unforgiving, combining that with the flexibility of the fabricated objects.

It is not just the objects, but their history and location that provide the inspiration for these works. The paintings combine three-dimensional fabricated paper with trompe l’oeil illusionism – intersecting at the point where reality, history, and the imagined meet.



Artist Exhibitions

  • 27th Mar 2024 - 13th Apr 2024: Elizabeth Moyle, Jacob Yikes, Adrienne Millwood, John Emery

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