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    Joe Clarke

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I am a Christchurch, New Zealand, born artist and recent MA graduate exploring mixed media techniques with an emphasis on printmaking methods. My aim is to use these mediums to create awareness and discussion about mental health issues, particularly, anxiety and depression. Looking at how society mediates and reflects mental illness, as well as reflecting on my own experiences has allowed me to undertake a personal journey resulting in works that I feel differ from existing media on the subject, which is often stigmatising and negative, serving to ‘other’ those affected by mental health issues.

While my work is primarily print based, my process is very experimental and often results in mixed media work that combines many contrasting techniques and aesthetics into one work. With my recent self-portraiture work, it is not uncommon to find elements of screen print, pastel, embossing, collage, watercolour, as well as woodcut included within the same piece of work. I also employ the use of found and second-hand frames to reinforce phenomenological ideas surrounding the memory of place and domesticity found within the work.

Using ideas inspired by Freudian psychoanalytic theories such as the uncanny, doppelgangers and the unconscious, my work aims to invoke a sense of altered reality or perception and challenges the viewer to confront themselves and become complicit in the work. 


Artist bio

Since I was very young, I have always been fascinated by the world of horror. Perusing the covers of horror movies I was years too young to rent at the video store was more exciting to me than actually watching the newest releases. Over the years, the fascination developed into a passion and eventually into my current career path. 

I have always wanted to study the genre in depth and in a way that utilizes creativity, analysis, psychology and even the science behind eliciting fear, so my choice to study visual art was an obvious one. At ARA (A New Zealand polytechnic) I was able to bring the ideas that were festering in my head for years, to life. Being exposed to new techniques like the various printmaking methods and having access to a wide range of tools and equipment allowed me to develop the skills necessary to create work that matched the macabre landscape of my mind. 

Since graduating with my Masters in 2021, I have been taking part in various exhibitions and projects and have many works in various private collections. From early 20th century Freudian theories to modern media like video games, these installations, shows and projects have allowed me to show the world what a lifetime of being influenced by psychological horror from many contrasting mediums looks like.

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  • 22nd Jun 2022 - 9th Jul 2022: Folina Vili – Debbie Templeton-Page – Joe Clarke

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