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    Jason Ware

    JW Distributed Field

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    Jason Ware

    JW Large Irregular Activity

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Jason Ware 2018
Forward Looking Structure


I’m concerned with human evolution, anthropology, innovation and the landscape. I enjoy exploring form, texture and colour in my work. I am looking at the boundaries of perception and interpretation. I welcome ideas from mis-perception and chance.Ideas appear as abstract thoughts from various starting points, and then evolve through drawings, collages, maquettes and material trials.

My material choices are an instinctive and playful process, made with consideration of their suitability for the concept but they also aid in decision making whilst constructing. I use various conventional materials such as wood, metal, paper, found objects but have also used soil and plant fibre.

Currently, I am working with ideas around AI, machine learning and questioning the drive for innovation ,” …crucial to the continuing success of any organisation”.



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