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  • Image of JMc Finding a path through

    Jane McGowan

    JMc Finding a path through

  • Image of JMc Marginal

    Jane McGowan

    JMc Marginal

Artist Biography


It has long been known that the human brain has evolved to associate memory with place, referred to as the “Method of Loci”. This is a fundamental practice for many indigenous peoples across the world. A year in remote northwest Australia formed a deeper understanding of this concept and has informed Jane’s current body of work.

The preferred sub-struct is cloth, developed from the weft and warp of threads, imitating the intricate weavings of personal experiences, cultures and society itself. Threads connect, layer, bind, pull together and repair.

As the work is stitched, emotions pass through the hands of the maker. Sadness, loss and powerlessness are present in the works but also concepts of the importance of shared stories and ideas of universal values and a connectedness to our place in this world.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 12th Apr 2023 - 29th Apr 2023: Jane McGowan – Carolyn Currie – Vicki Mangan – Louann Sidon

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  • 16th Jun 2021 - 3rd Jul 2021: Ara Graduates Group Exhibition

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