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Artist Biography  Jane Barry

I am a printmaker based in Christchurch. From 1995-1997, I studied at Christchurch Polytechnic, completing a Diploma in Art and Design with a double major in printmaking. I work from home where my press and workshop are.

My practice as a printmaker involves Drypoint engraving and Monoprinting onto Perspex plates. These are printed through the press, producing original works on paper. Images are further embellished off the press with other media and applied techniques ? hand/press printed rice paper, chin-colle, graphite pencil and Indian ink. I try to pay attention to mark making, composition, blocks of pigment, collage and elements of drawing in my work.

Much inspiration is derived from land, sky and seascapes – the atmospheric quality the powers of nature give these and the emotional feelings these places incite. Other times imagery is depicted figuratively, and more recently my work has taken on an urban derivative. I have been an exhibiting artist for 18 years. 7 of which were with The Centre of Contemporary Art in Christchurch (CoCA) quite literally, up until the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011.

I love working with this medium. The combination of paper, ink, press and invention. I like the tactility and the unpredictability and surprise that are lent to working with the printed image. The ability to move on consistently and the changeable variety that comes with working with one off images, suits me as an artist.



My work is held in private collections throughout New Zealand, Australia, America and the United Kingdom. Work of mine featured in a limited edition book of prints, a public collection involving twelve other printmakers entitled ??Twelve laments and one?? is held by the Christchurch City Art Gallery.



-2015 Designed the artwork for the album cover Weightless by singer/songwriter Sally Stockwell

-2003 Designed the artwork used for four book covers for Australian author Randolph Stowe –

To the Islands, Tourmaline, The girl green as elderflower and Visitants.



-2004 (finalist) Cranleigh Barton award for excellence in drawing  Robert McDougall Art Gallery, ChCh, NZ

-2005 (finalist) Anthony Harper award. CoCa Gallery, ChCh, NZ


Exhibition History ? Jane Barry


2016- ?Grounded? (artist trio) Chambers gallery ? ChCh. NZ

2016- ?Some of the things I almost saw? (solo show) Qb Studios ? ChCh, NZ

2016- ? Vessel? (group show) ?First Thursdays? Artbeat- ChCh, NZ

2016 ? ?They only come out at night? ( group show) Penny Lane record shop ? ChCh, NZ

2016 ? ?Landscapes? (group show) ? Oxford street Art gallery, Lyttelton, NZ

2015 ? ?In Miniature? (group show) ? Tin Palace gallery, Lyttelton, NZ

2015 ? ?Time and space? (group show) ? Nelson City (art and frame) Gallery ? Nelson, NZ

2015 ? ? Pasted? (collage group show) ?First Thursdays? Artbeat- ChCh, NZ

2015 ? ?Solid Gold? (Album cover group show) Penny Lane record shop ? ChCh, NZ

2014 – ?Chameleon? (solo show) ? Artbox Gallery ? ChCh, NZ

2014 – ?Inbox? (group show) – Artbox Gallery – ChCh, NZ

2011 – ?New Black? (solo show) – Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) ? ChCh, NZ

2009 – ?Keeping sight of the shore? (solo show) -Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA)- ChCh, NZ

2008 – ?Under Pressure? ( NZ Printmakers group show) ? Empire Gallery ? Cambridge, Waikato

2007 – ?Shag Rock series, For Charley? (solo show) -Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA)- ChCh, NZ

2006 – ?Late Goodbyes? (solo show) – Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA)- ChCh, NZ

2005 – ?Christmas show? (group show) – Campbell Grant Galleries ? ChCh, NZ

2005 – ?Set? (members exhibition) – Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA)-ChCh, NZ

2004 – ?Re-acquainted? (solo show) ? Studio Works Gallery ? ChCh, NZ

2001 – ?New Works? (solo show)?? -The Arthouse Gallery – ChCh, NZ

2001 – ?Perspectives on Printmaking? (group show) – The Arthouse Gallery – ChCh, NZ

2000 – (series of solo shows throughout the year) ? Clock Tower Galleries,The ChCh Arts Centre, NZ

1998 – ?The deep end? (solo show) -The Salamander Gallery, ChCh, NZ



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  • 11th Dec 2018 - 22nd Dec 2018: CHRISTMAS 18

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  • 27th Mar 2018 - 14th Apr 2018: Jane Barry – The Gathering Dark, Liam Dangerfield – A Bit Like, Julie Ross – Studio Tableau 2018

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  • 12th Dec 2017 - 22nd Dec 2017: CHRISTMAS SEVENTEEN

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