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  • Image of JY A questionable wardrobe

    Jacob Yikes

    JY A questionable wardrobe

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    Jacob Yikes

    JY Baseline

Artist Biography

Jacob Yikes is a painter/illustrator based in Christchurch. He has a heavy presence in the street art/mural scene and has been a part of numerous festivals and exhibitions over the past 7 years. As well as working outdoors Jacob also works as an illustrator and painter in his home studio. His large paper and wooden panel mixed media works often take on a more indepth personal approach usually depicting elements of his own life. With the use of several different wet medium materials in a freestyle manner, Jacob taps into his subconscious mind and the result is often a bizarre composition of strange figures and symbolism within a very surrealistic sometimes nightmarish world.


Artist Exhibitions

  • 27th Mar 2024 - 13th Apr 2024: Elizabeth Moyle, Jacob Yikes, Adrienne Millwood, John Emery

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  • 16th Nov 2022 - 3rd Dec 2022: Jacob Yikes – Rebecca Stewart – Tim Middleton

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  • 08th Dec 2020 - 24th Dec 2020: Ben Reid and Jacob Yikes

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  • 01st Oct 2019 - 19th Oct 2019: Hamish Allan, Jacob Yikes, Steve Birss

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