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Artist Biography

Artist statement-
“Knowing trees I understand the meaning of patience and knowing grass I can appreciate persistence.
I have been a full-time Christchurch artist since 2000. I initially worked at the Christchurch Arts Centre for 5 years, during which time I transitioned from sculpture to painting. My current art practice primarily takes the form of painting and drawing and commonly involves the interpretation and construction of concepts regarding the natural environment, the human condition and the relationship between the two.”
Recent exhibitions –
May 2018 – Group show – LEstrange Gallery, Christchurch
Feb 2018 – Small Work Salon, group show, nkb Gallery, Mt Eden, Auckland.
Jan 2018 – Twelve Grapes, group show, nkb Gallery, Mt Eden, Auckland.
Dec 2017 – Summer show, group show, nkb Gallery, Mt Eden, Auckland.
Sept 2017 – Homecoming, group show, Pumanawa, Arts centre, Christchurch.
August 2017 – Beer Goggles and Whimsy exhibitions as part of Dreamscapes – First Thursdays at the Colombo, Christchurch.
June 2017 – Notes from a Poetic Universe?, nkb Gallery, Mt Eden, Auckland.
May 2017 – The Fifth Edition Container Art Exhibition, LEstrange Gallery, Christchurch.
March 2017 – Finalist in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards, Whakatane.
October 2019 – Chambers Art Gallery Christchurch

Artist Exhibitions

  • 16th Aug 2023 - 2nd Sep 2023: Hamish Allan Lessons from Suburbia, Lessons from the Sea. – Sarah Garland  ‘Afternoon at Awhi’s’ – Peter Cleverley Flowers for Peace

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  • 07th Dec 2022 - 23rd Dec 2022: A Christmas Wish 2022

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  • 18th Aug 2021 - 4th Sep 2021: Donna-Marie Patterson – Over Cooked, till the Bubble Pops & Hamish Allan – Angst at the Edge of the Pleasure Garden

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  • 01st Oct 2019 - 19th Oct 2019: Hamish Allan, Jacob Yikes, Steve Birss

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