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Gareth Brighton is an artist from Christchurch. Graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts from The University of Canterbury (2016). He works in paint and printmaking, primarily using found materials.

Brighton creates painted objects with the intention of making the viewer slow down to examine the materials and visual structure of pictorial communication. His work marries references to written and pictorial language; drawn and painterly picture making.

The resulting work often seems abstract: while still holding reference to things such as calligraphy or icon painting. These references are given a different accent through spray paint, pastels and oil sticks. Brighton’s casual line work is offset by dense patches of colours allowing vague forms to appear.


  • Natural Selection. 2013, Hackthorne Gardens. Gareth Brighton, Sam Clauge, Ella Duncan, Liv Worsnop.

  • FIGG-ER-AY-SUN. 2015, Chambers Art Gallery. Gareth Brighton, Sam Clauge, Thomas Hancock, Stephanie McEwin.

  • Colloquy. 2015. Ilam Campus Gallery, University of Canterbury. Gareth Brighton, Josh Harris, Kaela Marshall, Aimee Shaw.

  • Temporal. 2015. Chambers Art Gallery. Gareth Brighton.

  • (Untitled group exhibition). 2016. PG Gallery 192. Gareth Brighton, Hamish Coleman, Chris Pole and Andrew Ross.

It, going on. 2016. Log Recordings. Gareth Brighton, Sam Clague, Tjalling de Vries and Thomas Hancock with performances from Markdown, Master Blaster and Saturnian Noise Collective.

  • Lie to me. 2016. QB Studios. Gareth Brighton, Janie Bruce, Olivia Chamberlain, Sam Clague, Tyne Gordon and Thomas Hancock.

  • [Sic]. 2017. Chambers Gallery. Gareth Brighton and Sam Clague.

  • (Featured artist). 2018. Iron Bridge Fine Art. Gareth Brighton. Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England.

  • Considerably Less Stressful. 2018. Chambers Art Gallery. Gareth Brighton and Thomas Hancock.

  • Until Your Room is Ready. 2019 Chamber Art Gallery.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 17th Apr 2024 - 4th May 2024: Gareth Brighton Gaby Montejo Jason Ware

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  • 14th Jun 2023 - 1st Jul 2023: Gareth Brighton, Olivia Smith, Chloe Summerhayes

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  • 14th Apr 2021 - 1st May 2021: “Lighten the Load”

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  • 05th Mar 2019 - 23rd Mar 2019: Until Your Room is Ready

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  • 07th Feb 2018 - 24th Feb 2018: Considerably Less Stressful

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  • 24th Jan 2017 - 11th Feb 2017: [ sic ]

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