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Emma McClintock is best known for her atmospheric paintings- photo manipulations layered with gauche, traditional sketching and embroidery. Born 92′ in Christchurch she has been honing her artistic skills since she first began drawing on the walls as a child.

Thankfully for her clients by 2017 when she started her career as a tattoo artist she had since learned better to colour inside the lines.

The technical aspect of her work created a greater need for self expression in her own art- combining her eye for detail and love of abstract design, she found a way to exhibit a moody juxtaposition within her paintings.

Her first exhibition ‘Confessional’ in January 2021, spurred her influence into the everyday macabre, leading her to her latest collaboration with photographer Leia Brighton for an exhibition in December 2022 titled ‘Thoroughfare’.


a thoroughfare – a liminal space in transition;

Leia Brighton and Emma McClintock utilise photography, photo manipulation and mixed media focusing on the emotional afterimage of a thoroughfare – a liminal space in transition; such as hallways, doors and windows. 

Leia’s photographary of locally ambiguous spaces, layered together by Emma with the addition of embroidery, digital design and traditional paint, helps create a visual nostalgia both familiar and forlorn, within these prints and physical medias

This series holds a focus on intermediary points- between the inside and outside, memories and reality, and what we see of these spaces from first glance

These slippery unfixed places can bring forth a atmosphere of apprehension or otherworldliness as seen out of context to their everyday existence, destinations normally brimming with life and movement are seen here without this extra stimuli, almost as a breath being held, a moment frozen


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