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Exhibition 2023 – “Sunset Cetera”

“Having drawn and sketched for as long as I can recall, my unwavering passion for the creative process has pushed me to explore new boundaries. Despite encountering significant academic challenges, partly due to being neurodivergent, this never hindered my true talent; instead, it served as a catalyst for my growth and development.

In 1992, my art teacher, Henry Sunderland, introduced me to the fundamentals of colour theory while I was attending Hornby High School. That year marked the beginning of my journey in painting on paper, although it would take another decade before I discovered the immense potential of the canvas medium, which quickly became my preferred choice.
To further refine my skills and gain a more professional outlook, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Media Arts at the Southern Institute of Technology from 2008 to 2010. It was during my time at SIT that I developed an interest in sculpture, particularly in Objet Trouve and Arte Povera, which significantly influenced and shaped my two-dimensional artistic practice.
 Life in the modern world provides me with an abundant smorgasbord of ideas and emotions to draw from.

Throughout my artistic journey, it has been my lifelong dream to sustain myself solely through my art.”

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