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    Cosette Calder

    CC Kintsugi #16 Bronze *

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    Cosette Calder

    CC Kintsugi #15*

Artist Biography

Cosette is formerly from Australia. Her childhood and teens were spent
in small rural townships across Victoria. Early life was spent exploring
the outdoors. In 1994 at age 18 she made the move to Timaru, New
Zealand. Enrolling at Aoraki Polytechnic she studied first year
Foundation Visual Arts and then completed a second year of Fine Arts
painting in 95. Studying under the tutelage of Mike Armstrong and Paul
van den Bergh.
Historically an oils painter Cosette is exploring mixed media painting
with an emphasis on Acrylics. Cosette enjoys freedom of expression
and colour with her mixed media painting.
Artistic influencers include Gustav Klimt, Edouard Manet, Jackson
Pollock and Mark Rothko.
Based in Ōtautahi Christchurch with her teenage son. She spends her
time exploring the Arts, painting, acting, reading books, playing tennis
and walking the Port hills. Cosette is also a 9 year cancer survivor.

Artist Statement

Cosette’s current series encapsulates the 400 year old Japanese artform known
as Kintsugi which means “to join with gold”.
It is the art of repairing objects usually ceramic pottery or glass. Traditionally
gold lacquer is used to piece the shards back together creating more of a
beautiful object through the acts of breaking and repair. Every break is unique
and sometimes in the process of repairing things that have broken, we create
something more unique, beautiful and resilient.
Cosette is inspired by the beautiful golden seams. The embracing of flaws and

Education/Exhibition History

1994/95 Aoraki Polytechnic Timaru
1 st year Foundation Visual Arts
2 nd year Fine Arts Painting
Oct 2022 onwards dedicated to Arts practice part time
Liffey Gallery Lincoln Exhibition July-August 2023
Green & Gold Gallery Geraldine Exhibition Nov-Jan 2024
Liffey Gallery Lincoln Members Exhibition Dec-Jan 2024
Arts Canterbury Oxford Juried Exhibition Feb-Mar 2024
Otago Art Society Hope & Son’s Art Awards April 2024
RSM Law Plunket Timaru Art Show May 2024

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